Crystal TV sometimes and even often experience problems in IC memorynya.Yaitu condition where the TV does not want to start (just standby) even though the power button on the remote already in the press many times. The event was often can I not when the rainy season and I petir.Dugaan damage This occurs because the TV hit by lightning induction of grid or antena.Tapi also not uncommon to happen by itself.
First I always replace memory IC who bertype: 81DC (actually, this IC is generally the 24c08 memory ICs, and who is 24co4 bertype 41DC).
If you did not have a backup memory "real" her, or programmable, then there is no other way, we need to reset otomatis.Dengan re-record memory IC is not damaged physically or short.
The trick is as follows: turn on the TV and let the standby position (protectionism), grab the remote controlnya; Click the OK button and tombolPower on the remote, hold approximately 3 seconds, wait for it to automatically turn on the TV.
Check the state of image and sound, if some abnormal, immediately went into service menu to reset mode parameters utama.Karena if not, someday TV will return terprotek back.
Here, I often get the case to the type C-201 (20 ") and C -1 401 (14").
To enter service mode, the standby position at the same press vol (+) and VOL (-) on tv and tv stand up to light up automatically to the position of service mode.


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